The Void Greybox

1st Person Platformer

Completion Date
January 11th, 2022

Windows x64 (Editor only)

First-person platformer greybox. Built in Unity and Wwise, escape a mysterious facility and make your way home. Submitted for my audio module in my third year of university, we were tasked with establishing and implementing a convincing sound design on an otherwise simple level greybox without adding any of our own code.

Sound Design

Tools used include: Wwise; Unity; Reaper (SFX/VX); FL Studio (Music)

This solo project was completed for my Sound and Music for Games & Game Audio Implementation modules. With audio tools – including Wwise, Reaper, and FL Studio – used in combination with Unity, I implemented a dynamic soundscape with adaptive music over a pre-existing greybox template. Our additions to this template were limited to triggers; the addition, alteration, or removal of visible objects in the scene was prohibited alongside any code additions or changes to the physical level structure. All logic had to be handled using Wwise middleware and Unity triggers.

More in-depth information about the project can be found in the attached Design Document PDF file.