This project has no affiliation with ‘The Mütter Museum at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia’ and was created for educational / personal-development purposes only.

Augmented Reality Museum Experience

Completion Date
May 11th, 2021

Android (Mock-up)

Inspired by Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum for visitors and those interested in visiting alike, this AR experience allows exhibits that were once fixed and sealed away behind glass cases come to life! The prototype specification also considers a knowledge base for articles, videos, and games about the museum centralised in one publicly accessible package.

UX Design

Tools used include: Adobe XD; Marvel App; Statista; Material Design 2

    With this design, I wanted to explore accessibility and conventional mobile design specifications – notably Material Design 2 – throughout conceptualisation. Having read Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think, I understood that simplicity and testing are key in a successful design. Starting at the earliest stages in Marvel App and, later, Adobe XD, I transitioned from paper to digital with testing and iteration as the focus throughout. Where the design may be universally accessed, it more closely follows the inclusive paradigm and is aimed at an audience already familiar with mobile postures, supplemented with research from Statista. Accessibility is something I championed, and I discuss how this would be implemented specifically for visual and auditory impaired users. I also factored in a Google Streetview mode to explore the museum and access augmented reality features without having to attend, with the effects of the pandemic in mind.

    More in-depth information about the project can be found in the attached Design Document PDF file.