Exploring Alzheimer’s

Serious Walking-Simulator

Completion Date
January 12th, 2021

Windows x64

Through the cataract-affected eyes of an elderly person suffering with Alzheimer’s, this project aims to elicit the emotions and frustrations posed by obstacles Dementia victims face in everyday life to raise awareness and obtain an empathetic understanding of the disease.

Level Design

Tools used include: Unreal Engine 4; Blender; GitHub; Adobe InDesign

As with most, Dementia is something that has always frightened me. This project aimed to explore the experience of someone living with Alzheimer’s by purposefully weaving in and out of commonplace level design conventions based on the characters health state. This design follows a hybridised gate-and-key level structure, where a task needs to be completed before completing the next available sublevel. However, the player can chose to complete these tasks in any-which order they like. Regardless of their decisions, their state deteriorates regardless of the outcome.

This game is not supposed to be fun, but is made to help understand the position someone with dementia or, more specifically, Alzheimer’s finds themselves in.

More in-depth information about the project can be found in the attached Design Document PDF file.