Crab Crab Revolution

Sandbox Physics Platformer

Vertical Slice Release Date
May 6th, 2021

Windows x64

You are a crab. Avoiding traps and obstacles blocking your path, you must scuttle, hop, smash, and snip your way through the kitchen before you become someone’s dinner!


Tools used include: Trello; Discord; GitHub; Google Suite

Early in the project’s development, I championed for a horizontal structure. While the practicality of this in the team was consensually revised, it set the foundations for Crabertay’s work ethos: prevent crunch wherever possible; continuously evaluated the project’s scope; and achieve fair and balanced workloads. This was managed using Trello and the Agile with Scrum iterative methodology. In our next project, Beats of Dischordia, I discovered Jira was a much better albeit more complex fit for Agile. Despite this, Trello suited our needs at the time, and we made it work. I also developed a Discord bot to help record minutes in the form of meeting chats, which were saved to archived channels in our internal server.

Integration was something I prioritised. Not only was the Discord bot something that helped us engage with Agile at the earliest of stages, but I discovered ways to integrate GitHub directly with Discord too. Reported bugs, commits, and branches all appeared in a dedicated chat, which helped clarify when something had updated successfully on the GitHub server.