(An Early Attempt at) Conceptualising an Audio-Led Game

We were tasked to form an idea for an audio-led game. I wanted to question if I could create a soundscape using a single virtual instrument played in various different ways throughout the entirety of the environment instead of utilising a myriad of different recordings and procedural sounds.

Thinking of Ideas for an Audio Submission

This post is just collection of early stage ponderings for my audio coursework. I want to capture ideas that lend themselves to musicality where, in reality, there would be none. (This might include ideas where musicality is found instead of being created by anyone in everyday reality. ‘Song birds’ are an example that comes toContinue reading “Thinking of Ideas for an Audio Submission”

Listening to Soundscapes

Getting back into university again There’s much excitement abound, especially with all the music and sound related work in-store this semester! Things are off to a relatively calm start this year, which I’m definitely thankful for. Having taken part in DARE Academy as a member of Crabertay, this past summer has been more or lessContinue reading “Listening to Soundscapes”