Snapshot: Carys

Captured, 17th October, 2021.
Abertay University, Bell St., Dundee, DD1 1HG
Fujifilm Instax 40; 8.6cm X 5.4cm; ISO800

Went for a coffee with Carys at Blend and caught up about things going on in Glasgow. Ended up chatting for a good few hours till the place shut – mostly about the shenanigans of Carys’ flat – although it’s nearly been a couple of weeks since and the finer details slip my mind. With that said, the story about the hamster food is firmly cemented in my head.
Sorry, Chloe.

I brought my camera with me so I thought I’d get a selfie before I went home. Ended up taking a couple, so Carys had a copy too! It’d be interesting to see how hers’ came out. At any rate, I’m looking forward to heading down for Halloween and seeing everyone again!

Published by SeylorDev

Hey! I'm Lyes Oussaiden, a student at Abertay University studying Game Design & Production. I'm also the Producer and Audio Designer for Crabertay.

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