Prototype: Exploring Reactive Music in Wwise

Circumstances outside of my work have meant that the past few weeks have been fairly choppy for me, health and productivity wise. I’m in a constant flux of being just on top of my work or being slightly behind but I have made much more of a pro-active effort to work on things and progress is being made.

I spent some quality time in Wwise this afternoon developing a quick music prototype. I’ve been wanting to explore game reactive music since the start of the semester, discovering that Wwise affords the opportunity to implement music that reacts dynamically to the game state (such as performing actions or being in certain areas for instance). I took some instrument tracks I rendered out in FL Studio last week and added them to my project. Scouring the documentation proved to be the most challenging aspect of the prototype, if I’ll be honest. It’s incredibly text dense, and often relies on a previous understanding of Wwise. (The chapters on the music system are further on in the documentation.) Nevertheless, I think I managed to create a good demonstration of the concept! There’s a couple issues I want to rectify, but I know myself… I know that I would end up sitting there fixing every minute detail. Thankfully, I managed to restrain myself. It’s functioning, and that’s what matters.

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Hey! I'm Lyes Oussaiden, a student at Abertay University studying Game Design & Production. I'm also the Producer and Audio Designer for Crabertay.

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